My take on the Wikileaks Saga

So the big story of late is that Wikileaks, the 4-year old “whistle-blower” website published selected excerpts from stolen State Dept diplomatic cables, and it seems there are two sides to be chosen.

You either support full transparency in government, or the very act of publishing the cables amounts to treason.

Then there’s the whole rape/sexual assault allegations in Sweden that Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks faces, which are apparently a US orchestrated smear campaign to discredit him.

Personally, I believe in transparency to a limited extent within government. There are things the public should be aware of, and there are things the public shouldn’t be aware of, at least not at present time, in order to maintain diplomatic relations and/or operational efficiency and safety of undercover staff.

To that extent I’m opposed to what wikileaks has done, the way they’ve gone about it, and I’m inclined to disbelieve their claims of doing it for “transparency”, especially given the highly secretive nature of both the founder, Assange, and how the organisation itself operates.

With regard to the rape allegations and such, I believe that nobody should be above the law, as many of the followers of Assange seem to want him to be. They claim it’s all a smear campaign and on that basis, he has carte blanche to do literally anything in the world that he wants, and anyone saying “Hang on a second, that’s not right!” would be accused of being part of a smear campaign to discredit him. Having been doing some reading over the weeks, it appears Sweden does have some fairly ridiculous sex-crime laws, with regard to things like a condom breaking mid-coitus being considered rape, or something, but at least one of the allegations, that Assange had sex with one woman while she slept the morning after having had consensual sex with her, well that’s not right and that certainly amounts to rape as far as I know here in NZ, as consent is never really implied and sex with an unconscious person is always considered rape. That claim deserves investigating, and anyone opposing that is basically saying, to me, that they feel Assange is above the law, which is wrong.

Anyway I just felt like writing something and that’s my take. Wikileaks was in the wrong, PFC Bradley Manning definitely deserves to be shitcanned for stealing from the government and leaking the documents to wikileaks and Assange shouldn’t feel surprised at his treatment resulting from his leaking it. Also the allegations against him need to be answered. Not investigating puts him above the law, and given the media circus surrounding him I believe it’s fair to say that a rigged trial would be spotted from a mile away by every media agency in the world that was watching. Any evil conspirators would never get away with it in that case.


One Response to My take on the Wikileaks Saga

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m the same with the above the law thing about the sex allegations, regardless of the situation that needs to be heard in court, if the case is thrown out it’s vindication for him. There’s been no real evidence presented of any conspiracy against Assange, if he wants to claim he’s being targeted he should be doing a lot more to show that is the case.

    I’d think for the governments concerned the more pressing issue is not that the documents have been leaked as that happens already, but who is doing the leaking and how to stop that happening. The secondary issue being the ethics here, while he states that they are careful about what is released there is some risk there of causing more than just embarrassment to a government but harm to individuals. It’s not like he’s truly investigating anything, it’s just dumping the information out there. I’m not even sure how they verify it and ensure accuracy and so on, especially given not all of it is released.

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