About the author

I’m a random guy from New Zealand with half a science degree, a library of two’s worth of (probably mis-)remembered facts, and a serious love of science and everything it relates to.

I hope to keep this updated as regularly as I possibly can with whatever news I find interesting about whatever is happening in the scientific world, and much of what it relates to, including scientific journalism, science and it’s relationship to politics and religion and so on. My inspiration for this isn’t exactly a long list, but it’s definitely Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Richard Dawkins who probably got me more into science than anyone else, and it has been reading Phil Plait and PZ Myers who’ve kind of inspired me to dip my toes in this pond. Check out their blogs, they’re well worth reading.

I don’t know that I’ll stick to any one scientific field in here, but my main interests scientifically relate to physics, astronomy, computer science and space exploration, but I’ll certainly try to throw some biology, ecology, climatology and medicine into the mix too, because they’re just as interesting.


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